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Flights From Athens to Boston

The city is located in the northern region of the State of Georgia, Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in the country with scenic landscapes and magnificent architecture. Home of the University of Georgia, Athens, with an incredible variety of festivals celebrated with a lot of fun and joke. Athens is also one of the most important musical and cultural centers in the United States shows that many musical and cultural events. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of passengers in Athens, in Boston, by the emergence of a large number of new flights from Athens to Boston, with performances by world-class.

With the growing number of air travellers flying at the end of this road from the air also contributes the excellent facilities and equipment, such as particularly care for the disabled, children under 5, pregnant women, car Rental-fi, hotel reservations, and much more.

The list of flights from Athens to Boston is as follows:

US Airways flights from Athens to Boston:

Departing Athens (Athens) - 6 hours, arriving in Boston-12: 08 am (Boston), the duration-6: 08 pm (with 1 stop)
Departing Athens (Athens) - 11:20 am, arriving in Boston-3: 24 pm (Boston), -1 Duration: 04 hours (with 1 stop)
Departing Athens (Athens) - 6 hours, arriving in Boston-1: 11 pm (Boston), the term-7: 11 pm (with 1 stop)
Departing Athens (Athens) - 11:20 am, arriving in Boston-4: 47 pm (Boston), duration-5: 27 pm (with 1 stop)
Departing Athens (Athens) - 11:20 am, arriving in Boston-8: 15 pm (Boston), the length-8: 55 pm (with 1 stop)

The airline tickets for flights departing from Athens, Boston, as a general rule, prices range from $ 250 to $ 400 Passengers on domestic flights bound for Boston are often offered with flights cheap. The airlines airlines also offer travel packages, packages and family packages from time to time.

Flights To Boston
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